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Celebrating the 4th

Repost from 7/6/17~ Another fun Summer activity we love to enjoy. We try to go all 3 nights. Last year we had no fireworks at all due to the Pandemic. Every year during the 4th of July weekend Iowa City has a Jazz Festival.  I have now lived 12 summers here and I have only been to the actual festival once.  I have been to many the last night during the last 30 minutes to watch the firework display. This year the weather was beautiful and Todd and I have been trying to get out and do things together again so we went to the festival the first night.  We typically go out to dinner on Fridays and thought it would be great to go downtown and have dinner then to listen to some jazz.   The next day we decided to do the same thing since we did not have Taj.  This time we also brought along some veggies from our garden, hummus, and some grapes to snack on.  We picked up a sandwich from culinary row and then ate our veggies as well.  We saw many other folks bringing food as well and reading mate
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Pockets of Happiness ~ Blues & BBQ

Repost from 7/12/2017 ~ I honestly hope we ha e enough people vaccinated where we do have the Blues & BBQ Festival. It was canceled last year among many other events. My husband and I love going and listening to the music. This past weekend my husband and I enjoyed another festival in our corridor dealing with music and food.  The weekend prior was Jazz and this past weekend was the Blues.  This is our third year enjoying North Liberty's Blues & BBQ Festival. The weather was hot during the day so we opted to wait for evening.  The weather cooled down some and the band's were great and the food, well let's just say Todd went to a couple of different vendors.  This will be one of our annual festivals as long as weather permits. The moonlight was beautiful that night.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunset.  It was a very good weekend for me. What did you do last weekend?

Cold Day Here in Iowa

Repost from  7/31/17 ~ I have no clue why I posted this in July when this would have happened earlier in the year. Todd and I did this in January, we went to breakfast through a drive through and ate breakfast in our Rav and watched the Bald Eagles. This is sort of our new norm. He will typically take me to lunch once a week and we will eat in our car at a park or watch the river. This was is way to get me out of the house during the Pandemic. January and the beginning of February is a magical time around here in Iowa near the rivers because of the Bald Eagles.  TheRe were so many of them during this time.  The only bad thing is the fact it is Winter and it is freezing out.  This year I was finally able to get out and go Eagle watching.   We took Taj with us.  The first day Taj was not too thrilled.  I thought the first day was wonderful.  One of our stops we literally saw hundreds of Bald Eagles in one place.  Seriously HUNDREDS. The second day was only 10 degrees without the wind chi

March Goals

I can't believe we are beginning a new month already. March the old saying in like a Lion out like a Lamb. March time to celebrate Women's history, Irish heritage, both basketball and wrestling tournaments.  March is also the month of my Dad's birthday.  Here is a picture of my Dad and all of his siblings. I placed a star over his head. He is the 3rd oldest of eight. The first five were all boys and then my grandparents has twins, their first daugters and three years later their baby daughter who is only six years older than I am. Yes, both of my parents have twins in the family. February's Goals * Work out 3 times. 🤪  Well I made it one day, so I am going to call this one a fail. * Go up and down the stairs at least 3 times every day. ✔ I actually did. I was so happy with myself. Nearly a year now I have been working from home and during the week I rarely go to our first floor. My joints need me to move more. * Transfer over at least 30 post. Deleted close

My Son

My last post was a repost. I felt it would explain a piece of real life for me right now. Noah has matured a lot over the years. Yes, he 21 now after he graduated from high school he moved to Pennsylvania for a year and then asked to come home to save for his own place or go to school. Of course we help any of our children outut when we can. It was rough at first with him finding job but the kid did. He moved up where he works rather quickly. I mean FAST. Noah will always fight depression but he needs to stay on top of it. He has learned certain time of the year is worse than others. He had a lot of anxiety with the promotions. The pandemic is getting to him as well. He recognized this in October and knew he needed to be on medication again so he called his old psychiatrist office to get an appointment. He hasn't been seen for close to three years. He called every month but they never returned his call. Two weeks ago he drove to the office and an appointment was made for him on the