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Wordless Wednesday...Kind of, Sort of ~ It Is Well

Today is Wednesday, which means Wordless Wednesday but today I need to share some words, or at least a song. Thanking God for everything and I mean everything.. hard times, good times, beautiful places, hard hit places, bright spots, dark times but through it all God is creating peace in my heart. He is watching over me and guiding me and through it all he is with me and... It is Well.
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Thankful Thursday ~ Sierra Jo Dominguez

I have been making my plans to complete our yarden next year. Yes, that was a "y" in place of a "g".  I follow Sierra Jo Dominguez on Instagram. She is another person who saved me. I love following her. She is a beautiful soul. She has fake cooking shows, backyard gardening, home repair and remodeling, she shares her life, and her new passion for pottery. She is a Christian as well and just like Tia Bee Stokes, she is real and spreads positive message. Sierra shared how she was creating a yarden and she inspired me not only to increase my Butterfly Garden but rebuild the backyard to our yarden last Summer, I will later post about the beginning of the yarden. I am excited to see her yarden but it has been placed on hold because growing a pottery business takes a lot of time when she is also a Mama of seven children, two of then are toddlers. She is homes schooling the children.  Our kitten, Bella even loves Sierra Jo Dominguez.  This was her small box of Joy. I bough

Golden Memory

 Repost... June 16, 2010 It's funny how life flows in circles sometimes, how what your child is experiencing brings up memories of your similar experience. Sometimes I get to re-live great moments through my children besides making great current memories with my children. I love being a Mother. Their are certain stages in a child's life that are very tough on us but the rewards out weigh the bad. I have been fortunate to have wonderful boys.  My son Doshie is camping with a group of friends. It is to celebrate one or more of the group of friends graduating. They rented a cabin and have spent the night both Friday and Saturday and should be on their way home now. I can't wait to hear of his experience. I thought of him a lot yesterday when most of our state was under a tornado watch, you know a typical Mother's concern. I didn't fear for him because I knew he would be fine. However it did bring back memories of a wonderful time I had. Memorial weekend 1983, my sophom

Pockets of Happiness ~Butterfly Garden

Last year's word was Rebuilding and I definitely began to rebuild loving life again. One of my enjoyments has always been gardening and over the Winter last year a friend of mine directed me to Roots and Refuge YouTube channel. I absolutely loved her garden. Originally, the Summer prior I had to decide to cut back and get rid of some of my beds, so when I told the Mister my plans for expanding the butterfly/hummingbird garden he looked at me as if I was crazy. He saw the sparks in my eyes and went along with  The video below is the progress of the transformation of the Butterfly Garden.  A friend gave me butterfly solar lights knowing how much I love butterflies and how special they to me since my sister's passing.  My favorite spot in my yard,  is a bench my Mother made for me. It sits under a large tree, the bench will be in another post. This garden will transform one more time this Summer. We plan on adding one more bed and two more Arches made from high panels. I can't

Flashback Friday ~ Rock The Chalk

I love summer time here in Iowa City, the college kids are gone and downtown turns into a different atmosphere with all the Summer Arts festivals and just plain fun events.The Friday in 2017 we came back from vacation was a new one. I almost signed up to do this but I knew my joints would not let me. The weather was absolutely perfect to be outside. It was Rock the Chalk.  Here are some of my favorites.  Below: The People Choice Winner  Below: The Artist Choice Winner   Where you live do they have chalk art on the street too? Many Blessings, Jolene 🦋