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Witches Tea Party

         Music not only changes our mood, but it also changes the way  we think and our perception of the world. {Please play the music for the ULTIMATE perception of this world.} Oh what can this be?  A wonderful invite! Without a map every road looks promising ... With a map the right road becomes obvious!  Hurry we must quickly find our destination for this extravaganza!   Oh we dare!  We dare!  It's not time to be cowardly! The monkeys know we are going to have a good time! This is our final destination  According to our invitation. This fella' came too early so I have been told. I see we have security tonight. We are greeted by the doorman.   Why yes, I would love to come in.  Thank you. {I have been told one must keep ones manners at this party...   or off with one's head.} Enter we may and up the stairs we climb. Every corner we find a delightful surprise.   We are the first to arrive. Our hostess was hard at work all day.   We quickly find the room where the party w
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How is it October already?  I worked on a post several years ago waiting for a Halloween Tea Party to blog hop with but she must have stopped. I decided I will post about it tomorrow. I have another post to share some great news, what for it coming later this week as well as posts about our recent vacation.  Many Blessings,  Jolene 🦋

Hello Again!

Yes, I have been away for a bit, well most of the year. My time away I have been enjoying some days but mostly trying to figure things out...Not So Pleasant conversation. When I am in that place I will back away because I do not want this to be a negative release only. One day when I am ready to share I will.  I will be flashback and post everything I have done while away. We took a couple of small vacations and a get away. Spent time with the grandchildren. We also worked a lot in our gardens. Please look forward to new post. I will also pick up on vacations past.   Many Blessings, Jolene 🦋 

Wordless Wednesday #5

  Many Blessings, Jolene 🦋 

Vacation 2009 ~ Minnesota

OUR FAVORITE FAMILY VACATION~~2009  My boys and I really didn't vacation that often before moving in with the Mister. Their Father and I took Matchu to the Omaha Zoo once and then we took all 4 boys to Minneapolis/St Paul for one weekend when Nono was 18 months. We did some tent camping the Summer before I left their Father. That was about the extent of our vacationing while married the entire 15 years. We just never budgeted or couldn't budget for a vacation. I told myself after I left with the boys, that I would try to at least go camping every Summer, I wanted to create those fun Summer memories. Since living with the Mister we have been to the Wisconsin Dells, camping at Back Bone Park, Chicago, Chicago Six Flags 2 times, Milwaukee, and this year we rented a house off of a lake for a week in Minnesota.  The back of the house we rented for the week.  Ours is the house on the left side of the picture. Some of our children on our pier, right after we arrived at the house.  Our