Ringing In 2021

How did you ring in the New Year?  We had a laid back night, very much like the entire year when it comes to evenings. Ethan and his girlfriend Daisy came over. They have been self isolating. They were unable to come for Christmas Eve because of her co-worker testing positive for COVID. The last day she worked with her was on December 16th so, they could not risk coming.  Everyone who lives in our house was home, Kera, her boyfriend, Taj, and Noah. Taj was extremely excited to have both of his favorite Uncles over. Todd and I picked up some meat, cheese, and crackers. We also bought Sparkling Cider, which we drank from wine glasses and made a toast with Taj. It was wonderful listening to him giggle and have so much fun. Our poor little Taj has had a very rough year. This was a great way to bring in the New Year! Ethan brought gifts and he had picked up the gift from my boys. The necklace was exactly what I wanted. Each diamond represents each of my boys.  Todd and I purchas

Rebuilding 2021

This year has been very tough on us all. As I stated in my last post I am so lonely but through social media I found friends. I have been battling things here on the home front and didn't blog as often as I had and lost a lot of followers. Now, I have a new blog home and it is hard to get the information out because I don't see the blog parties like I used to nine or ten years ago, so this will be just like the beginning, rebuilding. I guess my new blog home will be like me, rebuilding. Who knows maybe that will be my 2021 word for the year. re·build / rēˈbild / verb gerund or present participle:  rebuilding build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed. "we try to help them rebuild their lives" Actually I think REBUILDING is perfect and I will very much make it my word for 2021.  Many Blessings,  Jolene 

Who Will Win?

I feel I am being tested big time. My soul is a battlefield between good and evil. I fear at times I am losing. I know Jesus was tested and endured so much. I don't want to let him down but I hurt so much. I feel so alone.  I know it has been a rough year for so many. I don't think I can be a wife in the 50's, you know the ones who turn and look away when her husband isn't being true or honest in the marriage. I just don't think I can keep going on. 

Pockets of Happiness ~ Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas to All! We celebrated with our children and grandchildren yesterday. Our parents we will not be spending Christmas with this year due to COVID-19. My son Joshua is in Iowa but is spending Christmas Eve and Christmas with McKenzie side of the family. To be honest that is exactly where they belong. Her Mom is having a hard time after losing her Mother, McKenzie Grandma. The two of them will be here for my birthday. Ethan's and Daisy's original plans were to be in Mexico but COVID canceled the so plans were to spend with us, however that changed as well. Daisy found out on her way out from work one of her co-workers tested positive and she worked with her 6 days prior so we are playing it safe and they will self isolate for an additional 5 days. We decorated the house and I baked Christmas goodies. Emily, Kamero

The Great Conjunction

December 21, 2020 was supposed to be the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, it was supposed to happen between 6 pm and 7 pm. I really wanted to see this. I mean we attempted to see the Northern Lights a few weeks ago which is rare here in Iowa and it was so faint. We have had the opportunity to see a beautiful show when we were in Alaska in 2018. We also took a road trip to see the total eclipse of the sun a few years ago. Last night we left but it was 7:10 by the time we got to the spot we chose. My husband thought what difference would 10 minutes be? Well we found it did matter. I read more about the conjunction and found that tonight tomorrow we will have the same opportunity just smaller window so we went out earlier and we were able to capture it this time. My pictures are not the best but we were so happy to see it. Did you have to opportunity to see the Christmas Star? Many Blessings, Jolene 

Home ~ Pockets of Happiness Part 2

Most of our Summer was working on the outside of our house. We hired someone to put a new roof on our house. We were very lucky this happened prior to the Derecho. I am sure we would have had water in our house from the storm and we would be waiting along time for a new roof.  Above is the color of our house 12 years ago. The house needed painted and some siding needed replaced. We changed the color of the trim around the windows and the shutters. It was time to replace some siding again and the house needed painted. We knew we could not tackle this and wanted vinyl siding. The same company who did our roof, also replaced new siding for us. This took awhile because they had to special order our siding. COVID made supplies limited and created back orders. The back prior to the siding and after we washed the deck. Yes, for 12 years we never painted the trim. No clue why but I left it for the mister. This time around it will be taken care of.

Home...Pockets of Happiness ~ Part One

 This year has been a challenge in many ways. Just after the New Year we bought a new television for our main living room. This television was too big for our entertainment center, so we had to get a new one. We sat in our living room more and the furniture was very uncomfortable. We needed new for several years but kept putting it off because of the cats.  We finally decided to do it. This is the first time I have ever had brand new furniture set.  This was the beginning of our home improvements. After the couch and love seat we decided new wall decor was needed and to change the lighting and we added an area rug. I still wanted new lamps and feel the tables need to be darker. Weather became warmer and we focused on the outside of the house but came back to the living room in the Fall... more to come with our main living room. We have focused a lot on our home, relationship, and health this year. What has been your pockets of happiness this year?