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Ringing In 2021

How did you ring in the New Year? 

We had a laid back night, very much like the entire year when it comes to evenings. Ethan and his girlfriend Daisy came over. They have been self isolating. They were unable to come for Christmas Eve because of her co-worker testing positive for COVID. The last day she worked with her was on December 16th so, they could not risk coming. 

Everyone who lives in our house was home, Kera, her boyfriend, Taj, and Noah. Taj was extremely excited to have both of his favorite Uncles over. Todd and I picked up some meat, cheese, and crackers. We also bought Sparkling Cider, which we drank from wine glasses and made a toast with Taj. It was wonderful listening to him giggle and have so much fun. Our poor little Taj has had a very rough year. This was a great way to bring in the New Year!

Ethan brought gifts and he had picked up the gift from my boys. The necklace was exactly what I wanted. Each diamond represents each of my boys. 

Todd and I purchased our painting to add to our living room. The remodeling is nearly completed now. I just need two more things and it will be complete.

I have began to use my Notebook regularly. I just love pretty floral notebooks This particular notebook has three sections. I am using the first section for my journaling and gratitude list each day during my devotions. 

The second section is for recipes and the final section is for gardening notes. I am working on some plans for our garden and my new beds to grow my butterfly/hummingbird garden. I am definitely excited for my word for 2021 "Rebuilding". I plan on rebuilding myself in so many ways, primarily my image in God's plans.

Many Blessings,



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